One of the most recognizable industrial American Corporations, ITW consistently ranks as one of the best. With over 200 separate business units throughout the world, Russ Riendeau has worked with over 15 business units over the decades finding sales, marketing executives, sourcing directors, general managers and financial managers.


International software innovation company, RedMane Technologies sought a search professional that could understand,  interpret their unique culture to recruit a new COO and additional leadership positions. Selecting Dr. Russ Riendeau’s team over a slate of major firms, the team went on to source many senior sales and leadership talent as the company ventured in to new cloud programs and international markets.


Getty Images, the world leader in digitized images, made a commitment to change their go-to-market sales model to meet revenue demands in a slow economy of the mid-90s. Understanding the pushback would occur from many employees not expecting to do more selling than servicing would require sales directors with certain skills, Getty leadership retained Russ Riendeau to source  the right talent with the right attributes to fuel the changes and secure buy-in from the existing team. The result was 5 hires over 16 months in the Midwest and New York City to drive the initiative.


European specialty dispenser valve company Lindal Group sought a way to enter the US market in the mid-90s. Retaining Russ Riendeau, the company rented space for their molding machines in a facility near the city, while Riendeau’s team worked to find a viable national sales manager to introduce their products. Less than 60 days into the search, they had a NSM onboard and making connections. Today, 18 years later, Lindal still has  strong marketshare and two facilities producing product and Riendeau is still working with Lindal to source talent.

What does a growing privately-owned distribution business do to grow and compete in a major metro marketplace?  They commit to paying a competitive wage and study the true skill sets and traits needed for their market. Filter Services Inc., of Chicago, went on to grow their business in the mid-2000s and utilized New Frontier’s Russ Riendeau to lead the recruiting charge to find the right leadership and territory managers to drive more revenue and profitability to the bottom line.


CEO and CIO magazine,  Training magazine, Sales & Marketing, Wall Street Journal Radio, Human Capital Institute and Plastics News Magazine have looked to Riendeau for his ideas and insights to hiring challenges and trends in various markets throughout  North America, recognizing his experience and research in hiring trends and behavioral science in the workplace.


When Northwestern University’s School of Continuing Studies had a challenge: How to jumpstart their executive courses in the midst of the worst recession in 70 years?  They looking for business programs to generate more corporate training, they retained Russ Riendeau to create courses on persuasion psychology and leadership training that taught real world tactics—not text book theories outdated before they went to press.


Premier window manufacturer Pella Windows wanted to hit the ground running in the late 1980s  to take advantage of the booming custom home market in Chicago’s suburbs. Pella hired Russ Riendeau to lead the search goals, going on to source and secure 7 of their 13 sales professionals covering Northern Illinois. Resulting in revenues growing millions of dollars, Pella soon became a dominant force for quality doors and windows in Chicago.


Fusion Risk Management , a growing cloud-based continuity risk software company was faced with a great problem: How best to leverage an influx of private equity funding to grow their business? Leadership moved to grow the sales and marketing efforts, retaining senior partner Russ Riendeau, of the now New Frontier Search Company to drive the search initiative. The results turned into finding numerous account executives, director of sales and a HR director to manage the new growth and growing pains of this technology company.

Plastics Packaging
Search work:

Silgan, Printpack, Aptar, GE Plastics, Berry Plastics, Constar, MRP and Owens Illinois, are just a few of the companies that have retained New Frontier Search to recruit sales and management talent for their teams over the decades.