Two critical questions always take center stage when hiring executives and talent acquisition teams are selecting a search firm:

  1. “What is the true differentiator in this search firm to insure a successful outcome?”

  2. “Does the lead search professional really understand the profile and caliber of individuals our company requires?”

As a longtime search professional (since 1985), senior partner, Dr. Russ Riendeau, is one of only .002% of executive search professionals in North America that is a behavioral psychologist and search professional, since 1985.

With over 120,000 interviews and over 6000 successful searches in 100s of different industries, your search results benefit from this wide-ranging experience and evidence of how to evaluate, recruit and on-board top talent in this tight labor market.

These advantages boost hiring success rates, insure accurate metrics around candidate and position compatibility.  You team gains immediate  access to the  practical use of artificial intelligence, psychology-related research and objective-based interviewing techniques to gain a broader perspective and enhance decision-making on critical hires. 

Here are a few additional elements of importance:

  • The investment in a search firm is far less costly that the expensive fallout of making a wrong hire without proper evaluator processes.

  • New Frontier doesn’t just find people, we find out who people really are. 

  • Your team will be better prepared to identify the best of the best.

  • Research confirms the risk of hiring the wrong person is significantly  reduced when multiple candidates can be evaluated to remain objective.