New Frontier Search Delivers

  • We dedicate the needed time and energy in sourcing candidates, while you focus your time on managing your business. Both elements demand time commitments to avoid consequences of lost opportunity costs.

  • A true differentiator of using behavioral science and capitalist measurements in evaluation/delivery in the candidate selection process.

  • We teach your leaders to be better evaluators of talent and become better at defining the real needs and objectives of the positions needing to be filled.

  • Our empirical and anecdotal search experience  from over 6000 searches and 100,000 interviews, decreases your risk of making a bad

  • Utilizing additional success comparison models such as experience/income ratio, reference applicability, job change validation and strategic plan exercises further reduces hiring risks.

  • Three to Six month guarantees, depending on level of leadership role

Our search process is one that combines objective-based interviewing skills and strategies to identify the most qualified candidates on the market at the time of the search. Our training and access to behavioral science research gives us additional tools for assessing and evaluation of a candidate’s skills, personality and cultural compatibility into your organization.  

As are result of this training and expertise, we can transition our search capabilities towards many industries including: plastics, packaging, medical device, ecommerce, professional services, manufacturing, building products and software.